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5 Signs It Might Be Time to Find a New Realtor to Sell Your Long Beach Home

  • Ginette Skelton
  • 06/29/23

Whether you’re a buyer, seller, or investor, you want to have a positive experience with the realtor you hire to help sell or buy real estate — especially when that realtor comes highly recommended and boasts numerous awards and recognitions. While it’s important not to jump from realtor to realtor over trivial issues, sometimes the partnership just isn’t working out, and you must cut ties and find a new professional.

As you begin the search to find a new realtor specializing in Long Beach real estate, you may find yourself with a long list of potential candidates. Competition amongst real estate experts is stiff. The housing market is fast-paced, and as a buyer or seller, you will likely have high expectations of your realtor. However, before you hire a new Long Beach realtor, there are several red flags you should be aware of.

Personality conflicts

Your realtor may be the best in the business, but if their personality doesn’t mesh well with yours, it may be time to move on. When choosing a realtor who can help you purchase or invest in Long Beach homes for sale, you’ll want to gauge their personality. The last thing you want to deal with is a real estate professional with an attitude or an overinflated ego.

A great realtor is not just someone who is experienced in real estate and in your area but also someone with communication skills, with the ability to manage all types of personalities, expectations, and demands.

Your realtor is nowhere to be found

We all have busy lives and careers, but part of a realtor’s job is to show up at their listings and respond to their clients. If your realtor is not staging open houses, visiting your home to see how it is improving as you make upgrades and changes, and responding to your calls and texts, there’s a major problem.

A great realtor knows what repairs are essential, which upgrades will boost value, and how to properly stage a home to bring in the maximum number of offers possible. If your realtor is not showing up and not responding to your attempts to communicate, it is time to get a new real estate professional.

As a Long Beach realtor for more than 15 years with a cohort of top-tier real estate agents, I, Ginette Skelton, can tell you firsthand that the number one job of a realtor is to connect with the client. Yes, we sell properties and help our clients find their dream homes, but we also make connections and build lasting professional relationships with our clients. Communication and responsiveness are key when selling or purchasing real estate.

You can’t find your home online

Your Long Beach real estate must be listed on the MLS website, and it must dazzle and wow anyone online looking for Long Beach real estate. If you cannot find your home on the MLS website using your real estate agency’s login, your realtor has missed one of the most essential pieces of selling a home.

If you can find your home online, ensure your pictures accurately showcase your property as one of the most sought-after Long Beach luxury homes for sale. Professional photography is crucial when it comes to receiving top dollar for your house, and when selling high-priced real estate, money is everything. If your listing does not highlight the home’s best features, it may not do well when competing for other luxury homes for sale, thus increasing the risk of buyers passing it in favor of the next best property.

Your realtor should have data-backed marketing skills that will help generate buzz around your home. This includes listing it on their website and social media platforms.

Your realtor is unfamiliar with your home and neighborhood

When choosing a new real estate expert to work with, you’ll want to ensure the realtor has ample knowledge of the area you’re buying or selling in. If you’re selling, they should be able to discuss the ins and outs of the property with interested buyers as if it were their home. The last thing you’ll want to hear is your realtor fumbling over your home’s details weeks into your arrangement.

If you’re purchasing a home, your realtor should have a good understanding of the neighborhoods you’re interested in. They’ll know how far everyday amenities are from the neighborhood, such as schools, grocery stores, pharmacies, and your place of work. Furthermore, they’ll be able to tell you about amenities available inside the neighborhoods you like, such as community parks, pools, clubhouses, golf courses, and more. A realtor who cannot chat with you, and your potential buyers, about your home and your neighborhood should not be selling your house or helping you purchase one.

Your home is not selling!

It goes without saying that we have no crystal ball that can tell you when your home will sell. Numerous factors can affect the market and the time your home spends on it, such as economic fluctuations, interest rates, buyer demand, housing supply, and more. If you’re selling a luxury home, you can expect to spend longer on the market than traditional homes, as these lucrative properties are often not within the financial reach of most buyers. Still, if you notice your neighbors' comparable homes are selling, and yours continues to sit, your realtor might be doing something wrong.

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