Trust & Probate Services

Ginette Skelton has been selling real estate in Long Beach, CA, and the surrounding areas for more than 15 years. In addition, she has specialized in probate and trust real estate. Here are some resources for the probate and trust real estate process in Long Beach and the surrounding areas.

Ginette absolutely loves what she does and puts her experience and tremendous work ethic to work on your behalf by utilizing cutting-edge technologies, strategic on-line marketing techniques, keyword optimization, a large network of professionals, and social media platforms to sell Long Beach Ca real estate.

Trust & Probate Information

Facing a Trust or Probate Sale in Southern California?

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Full-Service Approach

Ginette’s full-service approach has saved her clients’ tremendous amounts of time, relieved their frustration, and maximized the profits of the estate. She can assist with problems other real estate agents can’t handle. That’s because she has the experience and understands this specialized field of real estate.

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Our Specialties

Ginette and her team can help with everything you and your family need from Estate Sales to Clean-outs and Hauling as well as Real and Personal Property Appraisals and so much more. She can help even if:

  • The property is vacant and rundown.
  • The estate has a delinquent or “Reverse” mortgage.
  • There are minimal assets to work with.
  • The mortgage is delinquent or “underwater”.
  • The property is threatened with foreclosure.

Probate and trust clients have unique issues and needs when dealing with estate property. Ginette has the training and understands what those needs are and how to deal with issues before they arise. This is imperative because if you as the Trustee, Administrator, or Conservator of the estate make a mistake completing something as important as the paperwork, it could triple the time it takes to sell the estate’s assets. That is not a position you want to be in as the responsible party.

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Meet Ginette

To meet with Ginette and get the process started is very simple. Just call and schedule a consultation. She can review what documentation you presently have, ask you relevant questions, and begin the process. Ginette will then present a list of recommendations. Once you’ve reviewed her recommendations, you’ll know your options and how to proceed. Simple. Peace of mind is just a phone call away.

Work With Ginette

Whether you are buying or selling, you will benefit from Ginette's expert knowledge of the Long Beach CA Real Estate market, as well as her 20+ years of probate and trust experience. Contact Ginette today!

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