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Ginette Skelton’s Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Home in Belmont Heights

  • Ginette Skelton
  • 05/16/23

Belmont Heights is a tranquil seaside oasis with stunning views of the Pacific and tons of charm. With its proximity to the coast, breathtaking views, and gorgeous southern California sunshine, this is a highly sought-after neighborhood in the Long Beach area. Homes in Belmont Heights are in high demand, and with the right strategy, the market strongly favors sellers.
Once you make the decision to enter the real estate market, there are some invaluable home-selling tips that will make the process move seamlessly from listing to closing. The following steps will help you as you navigate the Belmont Heights real estate market.

Build a foundation

Once you have decided to sell your home, a plan is the first and sometimes most complicated step. Creating a timeline of when you hope to sell your current home sets the pace at which you need to move through the sale process. Timing the listing of your Belmont Heights home should fit within your personal timeline. You should also take the evolving market conditions into account.
The most important step of the home sale process is finding an agent with the knowledge and expertise in your particular micro market. An agent can help you determine the best time of year to put your house on the market, connect you with industry professionals to ease the process, and create a personalized sales strategy.

Complete repairs and upgrades

Before officially putting your home on the market, it is vital that your house is in ideal condition to sell quickly and at your preferred price. Home upgrades can be as simple as a fresh coat of paint or an entry door replacement. More complicated repairs, like making sure plumbing and electrical systems are up to code and will pass a home inspection, should be completed with a licensed contractor.
Your agent can take an unbiased look at your home and recommend the repairs, remodels, or upgrades with the highest return on investment. Consulting with your agent will ensure that any upgrades and changes you make to your home are appropriate for the Belmont Heights market and a smart investment to increase the value of your home.

Set the price

After getting in touch with an experienced Belmont Heights agent, you will work together to set an initial list price for your home. It can be daunting trying to balance determining the market value of your home with what you would like to earn from the sale with a price that will guarantee your home sells quickly.
There are several strategies to use when setting your home’s list price. An automated valuation model (AVM) uses an algorithm looking at factors like home size, number of bedrooms, and sale prices of area homes. However, these computer-aided prices do not consider things like home condition and the newest market forecasts.
A real estate agent with experience in the local market can create a comparative market analysis (CMA) of your home to create a hyper-local price point designed with your unique situation and home in mind. This analysis looks at things like the average time of the market, local final sale prices, and overall market trends to help set a list price designed to maximize profits and expedite sales.

Tackle staging and marketing

In the real estate business, first impressions are everything. Making sure your home is displayed to its best with tasteful, targeted staging and interior design will increase your sale price and attract buyers quickly. Staging can highlight the very best of your home, making it easy for potential buyers to envision it as their own.
Home staging can be as simple as decluttering, removing personal decor, and highlighting available storage space. Sellers should also focus on curb appeal. Neatening up landscaping, replacing home numbers, and adding pops of floral color can draw buyers into a positive mindset. If you need help staging your home, your agent can work with you to recommend easy ways to spruce up your home or connect you with a professional home stager.
The marketing plan is a vital piece of the home sale process. Your agent can assist in a comprehensive marketing strategy, starting with amazing listing photos. A buyer's first impression comes from viewing the listing, so great photos to showcase your home are a must. In the modern real estate market, much of the marketing strategy takes place online. Working with an agent with a solid online presence and knowledge of digital marketing will help you sell your home easily.

Negotiate and close

Once you have created a solid pricing and marketing plan, set a competitive price, and staged your home to perfection, comes the endgame of the sale process. Once competitive offers come in from prospective buyers, your agent can help you sift through the serious contenders and make the right choice. Depending on the state of the local market, your agent can help you negotiate terms and design counter-offers to maximize your profit and keep your sale on the proper timeline.
Buyers will likely ask for a home inspection before signing a final offer. Your agent can work with the buyer’s agent to hire a reputable, licensed home inspector. After the inspection, the potential buyers might come back with a list of requested repairs. Your agent can help navigate these requests, help you find contractors, and iron out any final details before a contract is signed.
On your closing day, your expert agent will help you gather all the necessary paperwork and connect you with professionals to help in the final closing process. Your agent will ensure that your closing day moves seamlessly and your home sale is completed to perfection.

Industry experience and expertise

The most valuable member of your real estate team is an experienced agent who stays up to date on market trends, forecasts, and changes. Ginette Skelton has over 15 years of expertise helping sellers in the Belmont Heights market. Her carefully curated network of area professionals can help make your home’s pricing, staging, sale, and closing as easy and seamless as possible.

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