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How Professional Photography Can Be Your Secret Weapon

  • Ginette Skelton
  • 06/22/23

Less than 40% of realtors employ the skills and talents of professional photographers, and that may be one of the biggest mistakes they make. While homeowners may not know any better, realtors, by now, should. So, if you’ve got a realtor who is shrugging off the necessity of professional photography for real estate, run. It is essential and should also be a top priority for listing any home, especially a luxury property. Sure, it may cost more, but that expense is an investment that will pay off in more ways than one.

Why professional photography is important in real estate

Why is professional photography so important in real estate? Think about it. Why do you hire a photographer to take your family photos or your headshots for your website? They simply look better. Professional photographers are experienced with lighting and angles, and photographers who work exclusively in real estate understand how to present homes for websites. Remember, it is the photos that will grab your buyer’s attention and go a long way toward selling your home.

In my real estate practice, I have discovered the power of professional photography and how it can be your secret weapon when selling your home. For example, when listing Belmont Heights homes for sale, many of which still have an old-world quality, as this district was incorporated back in 1908, I use top-of-the-line photos to showcase them. Low-quality images would fail to capture the beauty and charm in some of these classic structures with elegant architecture. Professional quality photos, on the other hand, highlight every interesting feature and memorable quirk.

How professional photography can be your secret weapon

Marketing matters

First and foremost, your home for sale must be promoted. Marketing in real estate is everything. When purchasing a home, you aren’t simply buying a property — you’re buying a story, a feeling, an image. Professional photography tells that story, shares that feeling, and plants that image. When you work with me, I’ll feature your home on the MLS, on my website, and on other various platforms, such as social media.

Professional photographs of your home are critical to telling the story of your home and capturing not just the attention of your potential buyer but also their excitement. Ask anyone in marketing, and they will tell you that images are extremely important when invoking emotion, particularly in today's world. Because of this, you want your images to be picture-perfect.

You might be wondering how to take professional home photos. Instead, it might be easier to work with a real estate expert who can provide you with connections and recommendations to professional real estate photographers. By doing this, you’ll take the stress off your shoulders. 

You’ll get more interest

A listing’s photos are the first impression that a buyer will make of a home, so it’s important to use high-quality photographs to ensure maximum exposure and interest. Your portfolio of photos created by an expert will draw potential buyers in, increasing the chances of them scheduling a viewing. As they view the home, they’ll often refer back to the photos time and time again, even after they’ve left. That’s the power of great listing photos.

Your home will sell faster and for more money

Statistics don’t lie. Homes with professional photographs sell 32% faster than homes with only one photo or low-quality photos. Furthermore, homes with professional photography often receive a 47% higher asking price! The time-honored saying about how a picture is worth a thousand words is certainly true when it comes to real estate.

Capturing your home’s best lighting

No matter how hard you try, unless you have been professionally trained and have photography experience, you are unlikely to capture all the things you love so much about your home and its features.

There is a fundamental skill to understanding how to photograph a home for a real estate website — a skill that involves lots of training and experience. Don’t dampen your chances of getting top dollar for your home by forgoing a professional photographer and taking the photos instead. A real estate photographer understands how to highlight your home best, using its features, lighting, angles, long-distance shots, aerial views, and even the time of day to ensure it’s seen at its best.

Photos are the call to action in real estate

Professional photography is ultimately a secret weapon for many sellers because it causes action. An excellent set of pictures is what makes the buyer pick up the phone, send an online inquiry, show up at the open house, and get the ball rolling with an offer. With the right photos, you can generate excitement and buzz around your home, increasing the number of eyes on your listing and, ultimately, your chances of receiving a competitive offer.

Work with a realtor who understands the gravity of professional photography

If you’re not working with a realtor who has a professional photographer on speed dial, it may be time to cut ties and work with an expert who has the industry knowledge and connections to ensure the sale of your home runs as smoothly and quickly as possible. Your real estate professional will do all the heavy lifting so you can go into your real estate transaction confidently.

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