The Plaza

A Perfect Blend of Urban Tranquility and Community Spirit

Welcome to The Plaza

A Perfect Blend of Urban Tranquility and Community Spirit


Experience the vibrant pulse of urban life while still cherishing the calmness of a close-knit neighborhood in The Plaza. An oasis within the bustling cityscape of Long Beach, The Plaza excels at maintaining a tranquil atmosphere, and safety is not just a feature here, but a lifestyle. This sanctuary of community spirit, abundant with friendly faces, feels like an ideal retreat for those who cherish both a touch of city buzz and serenity.
Known for being welcoming to our four-legged friends, this community-oriented district reverberates with the hum of shared experiences and collective memories. The Plaza, an epitome of urban charm, is a testament to a community that thrives on unity, yet upholds the essence of individuality.

What to Love

  • Tight-knit community boasting a robust neighborhood spirit
  • Convenient freeway access enhances connectivity
  • Stone's throw away from the esteemed Cal State Long Beach
  • Nestled in the highly sought-after region of East Long Beach
  • An array of home styles to fit any taste

Local Lifestyle

Here in The Plaza, residents enjoy the perfect balance of vibrant urban life and peaceful retreat. The neighborhood showcases an array of charming homes, each with a unique architectural flair, ranging from cozy bungalows to elegant mid-century modern styles. These high-value properties radiate a quaint charm that is characteristic of The Plaza's identity.
Being close to the Long Beach Airport and situated in a central East Long Beach location, the neighborhood also offers a sense of cosmopolitan convenience. This strategic location, coupled with the charming local lifestyle, creates an enticing blend that keeps people here happily calling The Plaza home.

Dining and Entertainment

Feast your senses at The Eldo Restaurant, a haven for those seeking a delectable culinary journey accompanied by soothing live music. Their diverse menu and welcoming ambiance never fail to impress.
Dive into the authentic taste of Italy at Marri's Pizza & Pasta Restaurant. A cozy setting, friendly staff, and a menu that spells out 'Delizioso!' with every dish make this a favorite spot among locals.
For those with a love for shopping, the Long Beach Exchange is a haven of retail delight. Home to an assortment of shops and eateries, this place is a hit among customers looking for a vibrant shopping experience.

Things to Do

Engage with nature at El Dorado Park, an urban oasis that offers a breath of fresh air amid the city hustle. With various recreational options, this park provides an escape from the daily grind and a space to reconnect with nature.
An avid schedule of local events keeps the community spirit alive and buzzing. From festive block parties to casual gatherings, the Plaza neighborhood truly has a knack for bringing people together.



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